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Kindergarten Crushes

November 16th

Putting yourself out that is hard, whether you mean to put yourself into the dating world or just looking for friends. I believe that we all have the slightest fear of not being accepted by that other person or not fitting in with other that social group — its terrifying, but one of the most beautiful things if you just take a blind leap of faith. Let’s talk about mine.

Do you remember when life was simpler back when we were in kindergarten? Where we could walk up to anyone and they wouldn’t care what we were wearing, who our parents were, what we look like, or what our ethnical background was — all that really mattered was were you nice. We would develop crushes on the other children, because they were sweet and shared their chocolate milk with us and in return we would share the cookie that our mother had been so kind for packing for lunch for us. In turn that moment would seal the day you guys become best friend, bonding of something so simple as sharing a cookie, a crayon, or even a smile.

The last few days, I’ve have been attempting to put myself out there, not in the sense of attempting to find anyone, but to be accepted. I think I may have found the most amazing girl in the process. She is incredibly gorgeous, down to earth, independent, smart, witty, and eyes, oh god those eyes! Those eyes that would make Medusa’s pale in comparison — if Aphrodite were still to be alive I would but afraid that this poor girl would end up like Psyche. With all of that being said, that’s not why I enjoy talking to her. I don’t enjoy her just for the beauty that she possesses but rather the story behind her. As I sit on the phone with her, writing to you guys and gal, I realized — I do have a kindergarten crush on her and it’s terrifying, but still one of the most exhilarating things, I’ve have experienced in a long time. She makes me want to be open and honest about my past, stay up late just to talk to her just so I can listen to her come in and out of conversation because of how tired she is but won’t admit to it. So, I’m taking a blind leap, and letting it be known that I do have a slight crush on this girl, but even though, she most likely does not feel the same way towards me, that’s okay. My feelings may be hurt, but this is a step in the right direction for me, and it’s totally worth the experience.

Readers I’m trying to convey, don’t be afraid of letting your feelings get hurt. It’s the part of being humans that remind us we are still alive. We have so much to live for and so many mistakes to make, so why not take a blind shot — a shot in the dark? The worst that someone could say, is I’m not interested. Don’t let that discourage you from trying and don’t it break your heart. Keep being positive and positive thing will come your way.

H.C. Gilson

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