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Well, Hello

January 4th 2018

Good evening , Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s been a while. I’ve missed you. It’s the inception of a new year and the long awaited conclusion of the one before. I feel so incredibly excited at the way we have started off 2018, for myself, getting back to my roots of starting a new year Surrounded by my family, has shed so much positivity into the world. School starts back up and I have to urge to live in the past. But the past I will live in momentarily, I would like to graciously thank my friends from “previous” life for affording me the opportunity to start off my new life. There is one person that I am very grateful to have had in my life. He reminded me the other day, that even though I built a life on a the highest pebble of the cliff, that as I was tumbling to rock bottom, what I experienced as rock bottom was far from it. He reminded me to be grateful for everything that I have in my life. For that, I thank you. You and your wife will always have a place in my heart as family. I love you guys.

~Part 1~

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